About us

1. We are a team from Torrelodones in Madrid, who want to work happy, doing a better job:

             a) of a wide range of ages, having 1 manager in Cadiz,

             b) from experts in the Tourism & Distribution businesses, as well as advanced internet users, who we have been running since 2013 for personal reasons, opening the Holiday Rental market through vacation websites such as AirBnB or Booking, with the best successes and market awards. They contribute their knowledge and experiences in Spanish & English, and will grow according to the needs of the business & market,

2. As Users, and Tourism Professionals (Les Roches), we know how things should be, to get the best opinion from the Guests, and pay the best price for us.

3. We are so sure of our good management, that we are the ONLY ones in Spain, that if you want to leave us, you get the history of reviews of your home.

4. We only receive the Commission, if the Owner, or Real Estate Manager rent the house.

5. We work hard under the parameters of Honesty, Responsibility, Legality, and Taxation.

We do not seek to be millionaires, but we do live well with our work well done. 


We want you to enjoy the stays in our homes. For this we do everything possible so that everything is as we indicate it is, and also attend to any wish or need quickly.


Behave correctly, adapting to how the environment does, to coexist correctly